Friday, April 03, 2009

DTAC Pushmail :How To

Want Blackberry like functionality on your average phone? Check out DTAC's PushMail at or First month is free, then it's 30 baht per month.

Pretty easy .. here's how I did it for my Nokia 6300.

  1. Get to on your phone's browser. (didn't work on opera mini)
  2. Find the pushmail sign up.
  3. Tell it which webmail (gmail, hotmail, yahoo) or pop3 act you will use.
  4. Create pushmail username and password and enter your webmail username and pass.
  5. Click register.
Yes, that did say give your email and password to them. As I am clearly not giving them my main email password, I created another Gmail account just for this purpose. Then I created a rule in my main Gmail account to forward messages based on a rule, that I want pushed to my mobile, to my specialy created email account.

You will be alerted of any emails via a Service Message. Kinda like an SMS, but goes in your service message inbox. The service message contains the subject of the mail you are receiving as well as the link to open the email in your phone's browser. If you open it, you'll but subject to the GPRS charges. The software scans your inbox every 15 minutes - so not quite as immediate as an sms.



Blogger priya said...

My friend using the Blackberry Pearl mobile locked to T-mobile.She found the site for getting the unlocking code.
Does any one know the Master security code for this mobile?

2:36 PM, August 24, 2009  

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