Friday, June 29, 2007

Thai economy improving?

I have to say, I am a bit surprised with all the political turmoil, the Thai economy is still going well:

Bangkok Post "Kasikornbank president Prasarn Trairattanaworarkul said his bank had now revised this year's exports growth to around 14-15 per cent from the 10-12 per cent forecast earlier.

The better-than-expected export growth will help push the national economy to grow to between 4-4.5 per cent from the 3.5-4.5 per cent projected earlier although private investment remains sluggish, he said.

Local interest rates also dropped sharply during the first half of this year as policy interest rate of the Bank of Thailand fell to 3.5 per cent now from 5 per cent, said Mr. Prasarn."


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bangkok Networking Calendar

Nice events calender for Bangkok. From


YouTube coming back?

From MCOT : TNA English News ::
"The junta's decree, known as Order No. 5, which has banned political websites, will be lifted by the Surayud cabinet this week in order to make the people feel better now that the political situation has improved and a general election is to be held, he said."

Friday, June 22, 2007

Check out this about to be banned in Thailand blog

Trying to kill yourself? If this is your arm, seems like you might be a failure. This blog (nsfw), which won't be visable in Thailand for much longer, seems to capture the depravity that is the seedy underbelly of Bangkok. A testiment to the life one can get caught up in if you are not careful in Bangkok.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

50,000 sites were banned

From The Nation

As far as the Internet is concerned, the government has transformed Thailand into a repressive regime on a par with Burma, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Iran, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. As of last week, at least 50,000 sites were banned, including commentaries, anti-monarchy sites, anti-government sites and sexually explicit sites.



Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Busted for selling Viagra

I love these pics of police busts. This 40 year old Hungarian national busted in Pattaya for selling Viagra. All kinds of goodies here at Pattaya City News. Look at these REAL headlines:

Drunk and Broken hearted Thai lady arrested for her own good

Drunk, Condom-Wearing Motorcyclist Killed after Night out in Karaoke Bar - (Protect your head!)

Mayor Checks Shrubbery, Erections, and Roadworks on Sukhumvit - (Checking Shrubbery and Erections??? Ahh the life)

English Woman caught up in robbery as she returned to her Hotel

German Man injured in Beer Bar fight with female employee - (ass kicked by a woman)

Woman threatens suicide after problems with Foreign Boyfriend - (Daily Occourance)

Beer Bar Owner stabbed as she drinks with a friend - (Maybe time for a new friend)

Out-of-control Elephant causes damage to pick-up in Jomtien - (Maybe due to all the Ya Ba you feed it)

Wife escapes death in vicious domestic bust-up with her Husband over her refusal to buy Whisky - ("You betta git meh my whisky woman!")

Crazy Monkey injures 16 year old girl in Jomtien - (I think that should read Terrorist Monkey)

Annual Crocodile Egg Eating Competition at local Farm - (Ummm)

Second Fire Cracker attack on the same house in less than a week - ("Damn kids!")

Sleepy Police Officer causes traffic chaos on Pattaya Third Road

Man killed as he picks mangos from a tree

Too many to list... have fun.


"YouTube is not a very essential Web site, Is it?"

Great story on the Minister that Banned YouTube - Sitthichai Pookaiyaudom. Check out these great excerpts:

...Sitthichai persisted in detailing the euthanasia device, prefaced with an observation: "There are a hundred small ways to finally exit your life." Sitthichai calculated that the best way to do the job was a simple machine that pumps carbon monoxide into a room. "I'm sure you'd be dead in a half an hour," he said.

"Peacefully too."

"When he goes walking, he says he always carries a small gun with him."

When Sitthichai is asked to elaborate on this point, he is compelled to issue a clarification: He carries a .45-caliber pistol during his walks - "not a small gun," he said. He would carry a larger-caliber weapon, he said, but Thai law does not allow it.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

SMS used as Propaganda

Forbes says...
Thailand's military junta has resorted to sending text messages to mobile phones in the kingdom to try to persuade people not to join protest rallies, a spokesman said.

'Thai people should adhere to the king's speech, be calm ... reasonable and respect the laws,' said one message signed by the Council for National Security (CNS), as the junta calls itself.

Another message read: 'The army chief and the junta leader want to see the country remain in peace and reach reconciliation. We request every party involved to do their best job and adhere to peaceful guidelines.'

Guess Taksin shouldn't have sold the phone company.