Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Guy sums up a backpacker tour of Thailand in 2:44. (video)

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Tata Young speaks of CD pirates

Even thought I support Tata Young, (even though her last cd was a poor effort) I do wish she would understand that 'the album' is dead, we don't buy CDs anymore. From Reuters:

"I wish I sold more albums and not pirated CDs," the 26-year-old, who is often seen as Asia's answer to Britney Spears, told Reuters. "We're making a living out of 20 percent of what we used to be earning."

"It takes me 6 months to a year to produce an album, with all the travelling, the jet-lag, the effort and the crying that goes into it. That's my hard work, and then some selfish person just takes it and sells it for a quarter the cost? It's so unfair."

Tale of 2 Airports

Seems to be a lot of airport indecision, but I vote for staying at the new airport. The old communist era airport is fine for domestic budget flights, but Thai and all international fights should stay at the new Airport. It's so nice driving into the new airport knowing you won't have to worry about a traffic jam.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bombs in Bangkok

The best thing we can do about the bombs in Bangkok is ignore them. Media coverage is what bombers crave. Let this die, stop blogging about it, stop talking about it. Ignore it, move on with life.